Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Alexander, Mr. Hugh
Allen, Rev. James
Aird, Mrs. Catherine Female William Aird 1851
Alma, Mr. Edward Jamieson Male 1854
Avann, Mr. Cliff Male 1965
Armstrong, M. Edythe Female 1948
Argue, Mr. A. Whitney Male 1952
Anderson, Capt. Frederick Male 1957
Allan, Mr. James Male 1958
Anderson, Capt. Samuel Male Captain
Agnew, Mr. John Lyons Male Vice-President 1931
Andrewes, Mrs. Gertrude Mary Female Cyril Andrewes 1955
Armstrong, Mrs. Hannah Female Robert Armstrong 1945
Anderson, Mr. Otto Holm Male 1953
Anderson, Dr. George W. Male 1948
Agnew, Mrs. Female Harvey Agnew 1959
Argue, Mr. W. L. Male 1939
Armstrong, Mrs. Valerie Female William Armstrong 1952
Anderson, Mary E. Female 1959
Arbenz, Arabella Female 1965
Anderson, Mr. Robert M. Male 1947
Abbott, Dr. Edward C. Male 1957
Alstad, Mr. Trygve Aatlo Male 1961
Allen, Prof. Louis Male 1935
Atkin, Edith Luella Female 1946
Ash, Mrs. Margaret J. Female William T. Ash 1953
Akers, Mr. Harold Richards Male 1952
Ansley, Mr. George E. Male 1958
Andrews, Mr. Kenneth D. Male 1957
Auger, Mr. Perce H. Male 1957
Alexander, Mr. William Male Former financial agent 1910
Abbott, Mr. William Hamilton Male 1956
Aykroyd, Mr. Maurice James Male 1961
Ahrens, Mr. Carl Male 1936
Ashbridge, Mr. Jesse Male 1945
Alban, Mr. Male
Althouse, Mr. John George Male 1956
Arnold, Mr. Benedict Male 1801
Archambault, Mr. Louis A. Male 1956
Ashbridge, Mr. Wellington Thomas Male 1943
Alban, Sister Mary Female 1948
Anson-Cartwright, Mr. Reginald Henry Minet Male 1958
Allen, Isabel Female 1965
Archer, Dr. Albert E. Male 1949
Albert, Mrs. Zenith Female Norman B. Albert 1956
Anthes, Grace Amelia Female 1957
Atkinson, Mr. Dora Louise Female George D. Atkinson 1947
Ambery, Rev. John Male Classical Professor 1878