Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Alexander, Mr. Hugh
Allen, Rev. James
Ashbridge, Mr. Jesse Male 1945
Alban, Mr. Male
Althouse, Mr. John George Male 1956
Arnold, Mr. Benedict Male 1801
Archambault, Mr. Louis A. Male 1956
Ashbridge, Mr. Wellington Thomas Male 1943
Alban, Sister Mary Female 1948
Anson-Cartwright, Mr. Reginald Henry Minet Male 1958
Albert, Mrs. Zenith Female Norman B. Albert 1956
Anthes, Grace Amelia Female 1957
Allen, Isabel Female 1965
Archer, Dr. Albert E. Male 1949
Ambery, Rev. John Male Classical Professor 1878
Anthes, Mr. Lawrence Lee Male 1954
Aikenhead, Mrs. Elizabeth Female James R. Aikenhead 1945
Auld, Mr. Frederick Clyde Male 1959
Atkinson, Mr. Dora Louise Female George D. Atkinson 1947
Aberdeen and Temair, Marquis of Male 1934
Albrechtsen, Mr. Oluf Male 1955
Atkinson, Mr. Frank Male 1965
Auldjo, Everetta Female
Addison, Mrs. Eleanor C. Female William H. F. Addison 1948
Alexander, Sir William Male 1954
Arnot, Mr. J. Male 1955
Auldjo, Major General John Richardson Male 1879
Alexia, Mother Mary Female 1948
Archer, Mr. Ronald Gordon Male 1958
Ashley, Mr. Charles Allan Male 1974
Alline, Mr. Henry Male Clergyman and author. 1784
Aikins, Dr. Moses Henry Male 1921
Alford, Mr. John Male 1960
Armstrong, Mr. Norman A. Male 1957
Alford, Mr. John Newton Male 1952
Alderwood, Canon H. A. Male 1947
Adney, Mr. Edgar Tappan Male 1950
Anderson, Mrs. Elizabeth Grace Female T. V. Anderson 1960
Alicia, Sister Mary Female 1947
Allan, Dr. D. Gordon Male 1947
Anderson, Mr. Herbert McEwen Male 1957
Abraham, Mr. Robert Male 1854
Amos, Jessie Elizabeth Female 1958
Angle, Brig. H. H. Male 1950
Adams, Mr. Levi Male 1832
Adams, Mr. Robert Alexander Male 1972
Archibald, Mr. Robert H. Male 1947
Amos, Mr. Robert John Male 1945